Difficult Conversations for Managers and HR Professionals
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Difficult Conversations for Managers and HR Professionals

Practical tips on mastering the art of difficult conversations to reach positive outcomes


If you're a Manager or an HR Professional, difficult conversations are an important part of your job, whether that's addressing performance issues, navigating conflict or delivering tough news.

This webinar led by Sinead O'Brien, Fearless Coach and former European Executive Director of People at Allegis Group, will provide a taster of our training programmes on how to navigate difficult conversations in the workplace.

Sinead will share her tips on:

  • Mental preparation for difficult conversations - building confidence and resilience, assuming positive intent, managing your own emotions
  • Preparation - choosing the right time and space, preparing facts and evidence, anticipating questions and responses
  • Taking an empathetic approach through language for conflict avoidance - 'I’ statements, avoiding absolutes and helpful phrases to use
  • Confident communication in difficult conversations - being clear in your message, voice and body language tips for communicating with gravitas

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